MyMac Podcast 689: The Need for Slow

Gaz couldn’t make it this week, so David (sometimes known as Brian) Ginsburg from the In Touch with iOS podcast jumped in with very little blackmail involved! They go over the usual stuff and have a talk about the Intel and ARM processor exploits all the cool kids are talking about. It was speculatively executed with great precision!

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Stuff about Spectre and Meltdown

Guy’s Pick: If you’re looking for a good dynamic microphone, I’ve got two options here but one might be hard to find. That one would be the Electrovoice N/D767a which has been discontinued but can still be found on eBay (Be careful of fakes) for $90 to $150 and the other is the Sennheiser e835a which can be found nearly everywhere that microphone ones are sold.

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Not here so no pick

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David Ginsburg is @Daveg65 on Twitter and on Facebook, MacParrot on Twitter/, GazMaz on Twitter/ GuyandGaz on Twitter/
Skype +1 Area code 🙂 703-436-9501
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