MyMac Podcast 681: When i have a problem

Ever notice how hard it is to describe a problem and solution over audio? Guy never has and attempts to explain his current setup using stone knives and bearskins…or a 2 mix minus setup with a Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Still confused? That will continue even after the explanation. The GMen talk about how the iPhone doesn’t like the letter “i”, tax havens, why the iPhone 8 isn’t selling as well as others think it should, and so much more.

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i looks like

Apple tax haven?

iPhone 8 less than X

Guy’s Pick: From Rene Rosendahl Software…CaffeinateMe $1.99 from the Mac App Store. Keeps your system and screen active for a set time period that you decide or indefinitely.

Gaz’s Pick/Tip: Selection of Podcasts not one Has related! Might only be available in the UK but not sure!

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