Essential Apple Podcast 63: Skylum’s the Limit with Kevin La Rue

This week we are joined by Kevin La Rue of Macphun – now renamed Skylum Software, to talk about Luminar, Macphun photo software,the change to Skylum Software, Dark Castle, Silicon Beach and and as usual any other stuff that cropped up in the world of Apple and tech over the last week or so. It’s quite a long show as Kevin was keen to share with us, so get a brew, settle down and prepare to hear all about things he’s been involved with all the way back to the dawn of the Mac!

Recorded 12th November 2017

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On this week’s show:

  • We redid the website.
  • I went through finding and fixing the problems caused by moving the hosting from SquareSpace to WordPress – mostly fixing missing images or broken audio players. I am back to show 25 so there are still some to work through.
  • Also we gave the site a make over with a nicer theme than the basic one we implemented. We haven’t 100% done yet but the new theme looks so much better than the previous one.
  • Macphun Renaming Itself Skylum as its Photo Apps Land on Windows – PetaPixel


  • Apple released iOS 11.1.1 (or in my case 11.2 beta 2)
  • Some iPhone X users have a bright green line on their screens – CNET
  • Apple Working on iPhone X Cold Screen Fix – The Mac Observer
  • Jony Ive on Apple Park – Wallpaper
  • Apple updates Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for macOS – MacTech
  • Apple announces Final Cut Pro 10.4 with support for VR, HDR, HEVC, more – AppleInsider
  • Notcho app hides iPhone X’s fugly notch – Cult of Mac


  • Encrypted Cloud Backup for Mac and Windows – Arq Backup
  • Why can’t every object in your home be a solar power generator? – WIRED UK


Nemo’s Hardware Store (52:05)

Cutie Melon Moment (1:42:15)

  • Roku 2400EU LT AV Receiver Set-Top Box – £39.98 UK on Amazon
  • Sorry but it’s gone up by £10 since she bought hers 2 weeks back…
Kevin’s 1 minute fix up

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