Aurora 1080P Full HD Camera CAM3115  – Review


Aurora 1080P Full HD Camera CAM3115
ZyXel Communications
Price: $159.99 on Amazon Prime

The ZyXel Aurora surveillance camera is unique in several ways compared to the many similar products on the market. The striking triangular design and versatile mounting system are the first things you notice. I have two brands of cameras in my house presently so I have a good point of reference for evaluating the Aurora.

The packaging is well designed and easy to open. There is a ten foot power cable that has a USB-C connector. Mounting screws with drywall anchors are included.

The camera can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, or on a shelf. In addition, the mount can be removed so the camera is less obtrusive. A metal triangular plate attaches to the base of the camera magnetically, providing a quick and clean installation.

Setting up the Aurora was straightforward. Just scan the QR Code on the box and download the iOS or Android app. During the pairing process the triangular LED around the lens indicates the progress and success. My Apple Watch was automatically configured, which was a pleasant surprise.

The app shows you the WiFi signal strength so you can place the camera where it is getting a strong signal.

To test the Aurora, I set it up facing my entertainment center. I customized the Motion Detection Zone in the app  so that the camera ignored the television, but would be triggered by any movement on the floor in front of TV and to the sides where there are doorways. The ZyXel software was quick to pick up movement and email me a set of three images of the suspicious person walking through my house.

You can also set a schedule of when the camera is on. For example, when you are normally away or asleep, the camera can be surveying the 145 degree field of view. CAM3115 can be scheduled to be off when you are home and moving around the house. It is easy to arm and disarm the unit in the app, when necessary. It would be nice to have a geofencing option that would sense when you and your smartphone leave and return.

The picture quality is very good in daytime situations. The low light level is adequate, but if you want to identify a person’s face, some light source should be on illuminating the area. There is a 2-way audio system so you can both hear what is going on and talk back to someone from the app.

The purchase price includes 16GB of free storage. This is more generous than many other brands that offer limited storage of 24 hours to 7 days then have a paid plan for additional storage. This is an indoor camera.

Overall the camera and software performed well and are a good way for you to keep and eye on your home and/or business. The app can access multiple cameras. ZyXel is a well established international company that has been serving telecommunications providers, businesses, and consumers for over three decades.

MyMac review rating is 8 out of 10.

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