Geekiest Show Ever 255 – Toys with Cell Carriers

This week’s discussion goes bad quickly when Elisa talks about her continued trials and tribulations with her cell phone bill. This leads to a discussion about all the cell carriers and the MVNO carriers that both Mike and Kevin use. Both of them have unlocked phones. After that we discuss Mike’s purchase that he blames Elisa for, in a nice way of course. He has bought the Nintendo Switch. We have a short discussion about the good and bad of this new console in the short time Mike has had it.

We wrap the show with our picks for the week. First it is Elisa with her choice of the Red Sox Destinations. A baseball fans dream tour of games. Next up Kevin has a need, a need for speed. He chooses The NASCAR Experience so he can drive really fast. After that is Mike’s pick and he is being more practical. He chooses the Troy-Bilt Flex system to take care of all kinds of yard work. We wrap up with Melissa’s musical fantasy of a drum set. Which she may also use to drive the neighbors a bit crazy.

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