MyMac Podcast 641: Crashing Moonshot

Who doesn’t love to hear about failure? The Men talk about some of the biggest failures to come out of Apple and Google (mostly Google) and are serenaded by a Wookie. Well it sounded like one anyway

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Crashing Moonshot
Failed Google products/projects
Social Media: Google+/Friend Connect/Buzz/Orkut/Dodgeball
Google Answers (Live answers from real people)
Google Catalog (Digitized catalogs)
Google Video (YouTube competitor)
iGoogle (Customizable homepage)
Google Reader (RSS aggregator)
Google Notebook
Google Page Creator (make web pages filled with Google goodness!)
Jaiku (microblog service)
Google Lively (Second Life clone that no one asked for)
Google Health (Because they’re SO good at securing your privacy)
Google Wave (Instant messaging and social media service)

Failed Apple Services

Guy’s Pick: Knox KN-UM01 USB/XLR Microphone $39.99.
Gaz’s Pick: Great Time zone aid or the IOS App is at I quite like this one nice and easy to use and understand.

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