Geekiest Show Ever 243 – Open Source Love Goo

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here. Although not 100% we soldier through to bring you some infotainment.

We start out with a long version of the weather report and discuss our likes and dislikes about it. I know a real shocker there. After that we discuss Elisa’s recent experience with Apple service or the lack there of. Then we move on to a discussion about the Apple Watch and its accuracy. Do we need to calibrate our watches? If so here is link to Apple KDB about it. Next up a murder case in Arkansas that leads to a discussion about the intelligence of our digital assistants. Also, how technology is used by different generations.

We close out with our picks for the week. Mike leads off with a drone to spy on his neighbors and us with, DJI Phantom 3. Kevin wants a RC truck to chase the squirrels around his yard. Elisa’s pick the travel package to go Macstock 2017. Melissa did some quick shopping and selected an 9.7” iPad Pro, but Kevin won’t let her have Apple care.

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