MyMac Podcast 635: It’s 350 shows! Kinda

We warned you this might happen and it did. Some 6 and a half years later, the GMen have made 350 episodes since starting all that time ago and you’ve stuck with us. Again, sorry. Besides all the usual stuff, we read out all the reasons why you listen and frankly we’re still not convinced that many of you aren’t figments of our shared delusional imaginations. We think it counts anyway. Thank you Chris Leiter, Gerald Tevreden, Elisa Pacelli, Allister Jenks, John Nemo, Clive Hammett, Troy Muller, Warren Sklar, Alex Fox, Michael Lacey, Melissa (MacMommy) Davis, Karl Madden, Gary Apter, Erick Diaz, Andria Schell, Serenak, and Gordon Keenan for taking the time to write in!

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First Men show:

Guy’s Pick: Pages by Apple. Just not the online one which is good enough in a pinch, but the regular app is really quite nice for writing. $19.99
Gaz’s Pick: A free piece of software from the clever people at Objective-See that allows you to make sure your camera and microphone are not being used by unscrupulous invaders.
People’s (TIP) Pick: Allister Jenks I am so far behind on my podcast queue – the number is going up still. And there are at least two MyMac Podcasts in there. Looking forward to some hilarity.

Meanwhile I stumbled across a top tip.

Do you ever try to manually size windows so they fit together just like you want on the screen? Part of this might involve dragging window edges to the edge of the screen.

So here’s the trick. Position your mouse cursor over the edge of the window you want to align with the edge of the screen – top or bottom, left or right – until you see the pointer change to a double arrow. Now… double-click.

SNAP! That edge of the window will instantly snap to the relevant edge of the screen.

For a bonus tip, if you want one of the sides of your window to be exactly in the middle of your Mac’s screen – say if you want two apps side by side to fill the screen – just drag the vertical edge to line up with the iSight camera, which is always dead centre. Doesn’t work for external monitors, of course, unless they have a camera or other centred feature, but works for any iMac or MacBook screen.

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