MyMac Podcast 626: Future Apple

Gaz and Guy wax poetically about the future of Apple hardware and probably have it all wrong. This has never stopped them in the past so why should this show be any different? Guy also has audio volume issues and is not happy, but again why should this show be any different?

Long time listener and contributer Mark Sheppard has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses for his Dad and his health problems. If you can, please visit the page and give what you can. The GMen wish Mark and his family all the best.

Guy’s App Pick: Movie Edit Pro in the Mac App Store. $19.99.
Gaz’s App Pick: Well as I’ve hinted that we are looking at a possible house home I’ve been looking at Floor planning software
I think that the best I found for value and will do what we are looking for is
Live Home 3D $19.99 in the US store and £14.99 in the UK with 1 add on package for extra items which I haven’t looked at getting yet at $9.99 or £7.99
There is a Pro version which allows more floors and extras ways to make the planning of a building easier but I don’t need that.

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