MyMac Podcast 624: Looking for Problems

More like looking for topics. Gaz and Guy have a great time talking about some of the problems they’ve had with the latest releases of iOS and macOS. But it still does down to SIMBL the White Lion errors. Oh and for the last time, Gaz did NOT release those Pippa Middleton pics so bug off!

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Long time listener and contributer Mark Sheppard has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses for his Dad and his health problems. If you can, please visit the page and give what you can. The GMen wish Mark and his family all the best.

Guy’s App Pick: Handbreak a free video transcoder that works with multiple operating systems, will rip nearly any DVD that you legally own and is free. Sure, may be something out there better, but chances are it won’t be free.
Gaz’s App Pick: Arc Light
People’s Pick: Allister Jenks If I may be so bold (and cheeky), as to offer my own app for People’s Pick…I’ve been using it every night for a long time (I’m not the fastest developer in the world).Disclaimer: I wrote this app, and it costs real money (though not a lot really).

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