Spotlight: Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

Who are the people behind the technology that we love so much? We know the products, the websites, the online personalities but we want to learn more! 

Every week here at, we will spotlight a company, developer or person that supports Apple users by creating solutions or entertainment for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other platforms we all use and love by asking them to answer seven questions.

This week, we turn our attention to Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

1 – How did you get your start in technology?

I quit my job in advertising and with my wife’s blessing, bought a Mac Plus and started looking for ways to make money with it. One day I pitched a guy a marketing project; he turned me down, but he invited me to become Editor-in-Chief of his new Mac magazine—The MACazine—and I’ve been writing about Apple technology full time ever since. 

2 – What is your favorite computer of all time?

The one I’m using right now: my 2015 MacBook Pro and 27-inch Monoprice IPS display. This is the first time I’ve been happy with just one Mac as both my desktop and my laptop. 

3 – Tell us about your latest product / Website

My next book is an e-book called, Working Smarter for Mac Users.

It’s a project I’ve wanted to do since I learned I have ADHD a decade ago: Show other Mac users the myriad ways you can do more work in less time whilst avoiding distractions so you can have more time for the things you love.

The book will be out by Thanksgiving, but the Working Smarter for Mac Users website and newsletter are already up and running.

4 – What was your first job?

Ice cream scooper at Baskin & Robins 31 Flavors. Ugh.

5 – What advice would you give to younger people just getting into technology?

Practice your craft. If you want to be a coder, write a lot of code; if you want to write about technology, write a lot about technology.

The more you practice your craft when you’re young, the better you’ll be at it when the time comes. If you start to hone your craft at age 18 you’ll be far ahead of others who don’t get focused until later in life. 

6 – Who was your inspiration?

The late Sheri Beth Kotzer/Sternlicht (I know it’s a mouthful)—my high-school English teacher in the 1970s. She was the first person to tell me that writing was a noble profession, and that if I worked hard at it, I might someday be able to call myself a writer and make a living doing it.

Without her encouragement there’s no way I’d have written 78 books and close to ten thousand columns, reviews, and articles in the past 30 years.

And, of course, Stephen King, who gives me hope I will someday produce fiction people will actually read.

7 – Where can people follow you online, and what is your website?

Read my blog at
I’m now also available in the Apple News app for iOS at
Dr. Mac’s Rants & Raves appears at The Mac Observer each week

Finally, my latest For Dummies books—macOS Sierra For Dummies, iPhone For Dummies 10th Edition, and iPad For Dummies 9th Edition – are available now (or will be available real soon).

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