MyMac Podcast 616: Revenge of Macstock

A lot of Guy this episode (too much really) as he talks about his experiences at Macstock 2016, before, during, and after. 10 minutes of audio that shall NEVER be heard and the two of them laughing a lot. So back to a regular show then right?

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Cool song from a group in the UK.

Guy’s App Pick: Loopback from Rogue Amoeba $99.
Gaz’s App Pick: Thicket, no Guy I’m not talking about you, this is a music App I’ve been having fun with. Thicket is an audiovisual playground that allows anyone to create beautiful sounds and pictures from simple finger touches. There are in App purchases for more backing tracks @ 0.79p each there is also a Classic version at £1.49 Version I haven’t checked that one out yet though.
Standard (with In App purchases)
Classic Version

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