MindShift Moose Peterson Edition Small Camera Bag – Review

Moose Peterson Edition Small Camera Bag, model MP-7 V2.0
MindShift Gear
$200 U.S.

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See company web site for additional photos and specifications, plus a demo video with the Moose.

The MindShift Gear Moose Peterson edition small multi-purpose camera backpack/bag is the ideal outdoor and hiking backpack for people who want to be away from the car, yet need a full complement of zip-up pockets and pouches for pro camera and other gear that requires a significant degree of protection.

Here is our YouTube review video link

I put this backpack on with the expansion straps (at bottom) in the unexpanded position, and with the chest strap closed it was a rather tight fit. I needed to expand those expansion straps only about three inches on each side to get a comfortable fit, whereas the total expansion allowed is about 18 inches on each side. So even though this bag is listed as small, it should fit nearly anyone who wants a smallish backpack that can carry a serious amount of possibly fragile gear, such as large DSLR cameras and lenses.

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The build and construction quality of this MindShift Moose Peterson small backpack remind me of my Tumi airline carry-on suitcases, having ballistic nylon mainly, with some leather patches sewn on. The backpack has a sturdy padded nylon handle on top for picking it up and carrying it by hand when needed. A large strap that’s five inches wide in the center is included, and looks for all the world like a pro weightlifting belt, but it’s lightweight nylon instead of thick leather.

Also inside is a waterproof wrapper with a small pouch attached, and while the wrapper isn’t big enough to use as a poncho, it can be wrapped around camera gear or placed over one’s head to serve as a temporary rainshield when shooting. This wrapper has a substantial drawstring cord with a sliding locking clip, which seems deluxe to me.

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There’s a shallow zippered pocket on each side, about 6×10 inches each, with an open stretch-pocket sewn onto the outside that can hold small notepads and other similar-sized items. On the front of the backpack are three permanent zippered pockets. On the right side are two pockets, one on top of the other, each measuring about 6×4 inches internally by approximately 6.5 inches deep. The bottom pocket contains a velcro divider plus a small flat zippered pouch.

On the left side, the zippered pocket measures about 14×6 inches internally by 6.5 inches deep, but that’s more like 12×6 inches on the outside edge because of the taper of the backpack’s exterior. This double-size pocket contains three velcro dividers plus another small flat zippered pouch. All of the backpack’s external zippers (ten total) have two-inch long leatherette pull-tabs, which make it easy to find the zippers in dim light, or no light at all.

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As a photo gear backpack, you can easily carry two DSLR’s with several average lenses, or you can remove one or more of the velcro dividers from the large pocket and carry a large lens or two that fit within the measurements I listed above. The total weight of the backpack empty is 2.5 pounds. The build quality of this backpack is excellent as noted above, and the internal pockets have strong, semi-stiff, and very durable-looking walls that should wear extremely well with the range of professional camera gear you can carry in a bag like this.

MyMac Review Rating is a perfect 10 out of 10. Well done, MindShift and Moose.

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