PlusUS LifeCard slim portable battery – Review

Price: $60 U.S.

LifeCard angled

The LifeCard is a slim, stainless steel power supply that will recharge most of a Smart Phone’s battery quickly. It’s thicker and heavier than a credit card, contrary to what the advertising says. It is skinny and will indeed fit in a wallet but it’s not as unobtrusive as an ordinary credit card. Considering the price, it’s also light on capacity.

At 1,500mAh it will fully recharge an iPhone 5S but only fill 60 percent of the 6S or 6S+.In other words, in a pinch it will bring a dead battery back to life once and get you through the day, but that’s about it. A 4000 mAh power supply that comes with a power switch and fits in your pants pocket can be purchased for one-fifth the cost of this product.

The LifeCard does not have a power switch. It comes with a built in Lightning cable that’s plugged into the battery port. First you charge up the unit with the device connector supplied. When four LEDs light up, the unit is completely charged. At that point, remove the Lightning cable and within a minute or so plug it into your phone. If you wait any longer it turns itself off. In that case, you need to plug it back into the battery port for a few seconds and then remove it and plug into your phone.

LifeCard wallet

Did you get that? Inserting the Lightning cable functions as the on/off switch. Is this self-evident? Not to me.

It would have been nice had PlusUS included some documentation explaining this, but there is not a word in the packaging or at its website, a serious oversignt. The package refers buyers to the PlusUS website for “more information.” The website is an advertising venue, nothing more.

The LifeCard is potentially a good idea but it’s not quite ready for market and is not competitively priced.

MyMac Review Rating is 4 out of 10.

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