Logickeyboard Adobe Photoshop CC Shortcut Keyboard for Mac – Review

Logickeyboard Adobe Photoshop CC Shortcut Keyboard
Manufacturer: Logickeyboard
Price: $114.90

Keyboard shortcuts have long been a method for experienced Adobe Photoshop users to increase productivity. The Logickeyboard Shortcut Keyboard will jumpstart the process of using the keyboard in lieu of the mouse.


Adobe Photoshop is a product of amazing depth of features, including a daunting number of keyboard shortcuts and a steep learning curve. Logickeyboard Shortcut Keyboard serves to flatten that curve by providing color coded keycaps with graphic and text hints into the deeper recesses of Photoshop CC.

This keyboard will best serve the Photoshop user who uses the application regularly. A Adobe Photoshop novice can easily be overwhelmed by all of the graphics and text on the keys that mean little or nothing to them during the early stages of their learning curve. A Photoshop professional who has worked with the program many hours per day over many years will not need the these color coded cues as their own muscle memory will guide them to the proper key combination with out looking at the keyboard. But the majority will fall between these extremes and derive benefits from the hints included on the Logickeyboard Shortcut Keyboard.

Upon unboxing, my first impression was of the quality of the keyboard’s fit and finish. It seemed very much like the Apple extended keyboard. Then to my surprise, I found that it is an Apple extended keyboard complete with logo and the made by Apple identification on the back. Therefore, the Logickeyboard unit was built on a chassis purchased from Apple. This reassured me that the Logickeyboard Shortcut Keyboard will be with me for a long period of trouble free service.


In the areas of Not Quite Perfect are the fact the the number “3” key graphics indicate that “shift-3” will produce the Pound Sterling symbol “£” and not the hashtag or number symbol “#” that it does produce and is normal in the US keyboard layout. In the area of improvements that I would like Apple to implement include the addition of adjustable feet at the back of the keyboard to provide for an altered typing angle. Also, I find the USB cable too short to reach out the back of my keyboard drawer, up behind my desk and back to my iMac. This specialty product carries a premium price, a useful USB extension cable would be a welcome addition to the package. As luck would have it, I found a USB extension in my big bag of extra cords and cables.



The Logickeyboard Shortcut Keyboard will be a valuable tool for those Adobe Photoshop CC artists who are not at the extremes of the learning curve. The quality of the Apple keyboard make this a long term investment.

MyMac.com Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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