MiGO Selfie Stick – Review

MiGO Selfie Stick
Price: $39.95 ($29.99 Amazon Prime)

When selfie-sticks first appeared, they were an overnight sensation. As they proliferated, they became an annoyance and are now restricted in many locations for safety concerns. The new MiGO Selfie Stick demonstrates that this category has finally matured. This selfie stick has gone pro with innovative features and connections at a reasonable price


The key feature is a Bluetooth 3.0 remote shutter button. Remember when pairing a Bluetooth device was a hit-or-miss frustration? Pairing the iPhone with the MiGO selfie stick is effortless. Once paired, flip the switch and you are ready to take photos. The MiGO is only 8-1/2 inches (21.9cm) long but can extend to 32 inches (81.3cm) with its lockable aluminum arm tubes. The spring-loaded cradle jaws will securely hold devices from 1.9 inches (4.8cm) to 3.5 inches (8.9cm) in width.


The cradle is hinged so that your phone can be adjusted a full 180 degrees. MiGO can be used in multiple ways. In addition to the usual hand-held use, the bottom of the handle has a standard metal tripod mount for video or still photography. The hinge on the cradle is an exact fit for Go-Pro cameras. The two tabs with their metal adjustment screw secures a Go-Pro camera firmly on the MiGO arm.


Built into the handle grip is a rechargeable battery. A micro-USB socket is located next to the On/Off switch. Included with each MiGo is the necessary charging cable. You can expect a battery life of forty hours with a ten-day standby time. MiGO includes a wrist strap for extra security. The shutter button glows bright green when the MiGO is first turned on and flashes green each time the shutter button is pressed. I’d like to have a way to turn the LED off when I’m shooting at night or in a crowd.

Selfie sticks are not just for selfies. Their uses are all about reach. If something is too high or low to see clearly, take a reference photo. Are your rain gutters becoming clogged with leaves? Use the selfie stick to reach up and take a photo to check. Oil dripping under your car? Reach underneath and take a photo to show your mechanic. How about a surreptitious photo looking down into a bird nest with baby chicks inside? There are many creative uses for this selfie stick because of its remote shutter control.


The MiGO selfie stick is clever, well made, and is a useful accessory for iPhonographers. It is compatible with most Android and iOS devices that utilize Bluetooth Version 3.0. At 7.3 ounces (207g) and 8-1/2 inches (21.9cm), the MiGO isn’t exactly pocketable, but you’ll be glad you have one nearby when the need arises.

MyMac Rating is 9 out of 10.

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