MyMac Podcast 559: Sir Jonny’s now a Chief

Jonny Ive is a chef at Apple! Wait, not chef…Chief! There it is. He’s Chief Design Officer with all the new responsibilities that come with that long distinguished office! Well, hasn’t been around THAT long, and he’s still doing pretty much what he was doing before so what’s up with that? The Gmen break it down and promise to fix it later. The Macstock Expo is on the way and get $10 off the already silly price of $69 with this code, MyMac10Off and send Guy an email for the chance to win a free Expo pass!

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For Mac Eyes Only Podcast
Macstock Conference and Expo
Guy’s App Pick: Backgammon from GrowlyBird Software. FREE!
Gaz’s App Pick: Chemist by THIX £3.99 $4.99
People’s Pick: From Serenak, less pick, more “could be good” – iPhoto replacement that looks very good and several others and all free

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