TechFan #197 – Induction Chicken

Tim, David, and Owen discuss the week of bad news, most self-inflicted, of Samsung. Nintendo drops the ball, again, while Apple seems to be doing something very right with iOS. Product features this week include the PlugDock from Fuse Chicken, and the Hamilton Buhl IND-DOCK3 Induction Speaker. Finally, David gives an update on his electric car (Nissan Leaf), and Tim talks about Hank and Jed.

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Your Samsung TV is listening to your private conversations
Samsung investigates why its TVs put ads in others’ apps
Apple’s iOS 9 to have ‘huge’ stability and optimization focus
Affinity Designer
Transferring games to your new 3DS XL?
Hank and Jed Show
Hamilton’s IND-DOCK3 Induction Speaker

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