TechFan #196 – Audioengine B2

The Featured Product for this episode is the Audioengine B2 Premium Bluetooth Speaker. Is this the $299 speaker you have been waiting for? Also, great feedback from listeners, as well as discussions on Pixelmator, Debalelizer, batch file processing, Alex’s Apple Orchard, Open Doc, and a lot more.

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Tim Robertson interview on The Podcast Digest
Debabelizer – Now Free, no support, does not support after Lion
Audioengine B2 Premium Bluetooth Speaker – $299

3 thoughts on “TechFan #196 – Audioengine B2

  1. I have the B2 – really great speaker with serious drivers – these aren’t the 1 to 1.5 inch drivers you get in most of the small Bluetooth speakers. And thanks to the extra width of the B2 enclosure, the stereo separation is better too.

  2. Tim – are you aware of the “secret” Vectormator mode in Pixelmator?

    Press Cmd-Shift-V and watch the tools change to the Vector Drawing Set.

    It isn’t quite a real vector tool – because it can’t be output to something that retains the vectors as editable postscript items that other vector tools can use, but it a handy addition to the capabilities of what is already a fantastic programme for the price.

    Good show as ever – always pleased to see TechFan pop up in the Downcast List…

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