Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector – Review

Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 6
Company: Otterbox
Price: $34.95 USD

Alpha Glass Privacy

Apple’s iPhone 6 is a beautiful engineered and designed communication and entertainment device. Users want to protect it so they take the time to purchase cases to protect their investment. The one thing that worries a lot of iPhone users is the durability of the iPhone’s screen. How strong is it and how resistant to everyday wear and tear?

Donny Yankellow recently did a review of the Otterbox Symmetry Series case for the iPhone 6 and as part of that review, he also looked at Otterbox’s Alpha Glass Screen Protector. Donny thought that it was a terrific product and spoke of the ease of installation and protection afforded by the unit. I’ve had the chance to evaluate Otterbox’s Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector for the iPhone 6.


The Privacy Protector is designed to provide privacy while you are using your iPhone, concealing what is on your display from side views. For those of you who commute daily by bus, subway or train or travel by air frequently, you know that your personal space is limited and constantly under pressure from the other commuters around you. The Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector will provide you with the capability to see your display screen directly on but for those to the sides of you, their viewing is now restricted. Composed of tinted tempered glass and polyester, the Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector gives you screen protection from scratches and scrapes, and due to its design, if you drop your iPhone, the Screen Protector is what will shatter and break, rather than the display of your iPhone.  The glass maintains the touchscreen responsiveness that your iPhone has; Otterbox calls it Reactive Touch.

Everything that you need to install the glass on your iPhone is in the box. Otterbox includes a cleaning wipe, a microfiber cloth, the glass protector and a small instruction sheet that clearly illustrates the process to follow to properly install the Screen Protector. Clean off the display on your iPhone with the wipe, position the screen protector after first removing the Step 1Tab cover, then remove the Step 2 Tab cover, use the microfiber cloth to gently remove any air bubbles underneath and then you are good to go. I’ve not encountered any issues with the iPhone responding to my touch through the Screen Protector. I’ve also noticed less of the fingerprint buildup that I had on the iPhone display since I’ve added the Screen Protector.

Here is a view of the iPhone straight on, nothing has changed view-wise.



Here is view of the iPhone from the side; the contents of the screen have basically disappeared from view.


Another nice thing about the Alpha Glass Privacy screen protector, Otterbox will, for the lifetime of your device, give you one free replacement of Alpha Glass for improper installation and unlimited free replacements for anything else that goes wrong. All you need is proof of purchase and a photo of the damage. I’m not aware of another company offering that warranty. There may be some who will think that the price may be a bit much but when it protects your iPhone display from scratches or shattering, the price is well worth it.

Overall, the Otterbox Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector is easy to install, directions are clear and concise, everything is provided and it does a great job protecting the iPhone 6 screen. If you want quality, style and a company with the background of producing great products, check out Otterbox’s Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector for the iPhone 6.

All in all, I give the Otterbox Alpha Glass Privacy Screen Protector a MyMac rating of 9 out of a possible 10.

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