MyMac Podcast 523: Sad Face

The sound is good, the time is right, but it’s still the same GMen. Messages somehow confuses my son Peter AND Dave Hamilton for Apple. Yeah, I don’t get it either. The GMen are back to using Google Docs because Apple’s Pages and iCloud is completely hosed and they have a discussion about the many missteps lately from everyone’s (or maybe a few people anyway) favorite electronics company.

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Guy’s App Pick: Time Machine. For probably the first time ever, a file got lost for me. It was a Canon MTS MPEG file that I tried to convert using a different program. Not only did it NOT convert, it made the file disappear. Time Machine went back in time (without those pesky morlocks) and put it back.
Gaz’s App Pick: ANTI PICK DON’T USE ICLOUD IT’S BIG FAIL 🙁 OK that was because I’m upset I recently bought a pinball game for the iPad called PINBALL HD costs £1.49 and there are further in app purchases for more boards, this gives you 3 open boards but does give you access to a restricted board where you’ll need to buy the inApp purchase to access full functionality

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