MyMac Podcast 522: Shawn King just takes the fun out of everything

Guy can’t leave well enough alone and has (yet again) changed his recording setup. This was nearly a disaster which means that even MORE changes are afoot (so give him a hand…gold clap). Shawn King comes on to talk to the GMen about all the new Apple stuff, the death of Macworld as a print magazine, and Canadian Football…wait really?

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Guy’s App Pick: Netflix app for iOS
Gaz’s Pick: Wind Tunnel Pro
People’s Pick Mini Review: From Michael Cassel
Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac
It’s flat.
Supports all Apple gestures etc.
Slightly larger surface area.
As sensitive as the Apple version
May appear to be slightly less sensitive – but it isn’t

Simply in terms of the angle alone he prefers this to my Apple trackpad. All the functionality is there too.

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