BakBone Tablet Ring – Review

BakBone Tablet Ring
Manufacturer: BakBone
MSRP: $29.95 (free shipping in North America)


iPads and other tablets are rapidly becoming part of mobile data entry in industry, hospitals, construction, reporting, inventory management, and at home. Occam’s Razor is a 12th Century principle that states when solving problems, the solution with the fewest assumptions is often the best. So it is with the new BakBone tablet ring. A tablet is awkward to hold with one hand while you are working. BakBone provides a simple, effective solution.


Medical professionals carry iPads while visiting patients. Two hands are required for most tasks and that can become awkward while juggling a tablet. Dr. Paul Webber faced this dilemma personally and developed BakBone as a result. His device is the essence of simplicity: it’s a ring that mounts on the back of a tablet. Your finger goes through ring, making it secure to hold and use with one hand.

Under the tablet ring are two circular rare earth neodymium magnets. One is part of the ring and the other attaches to the back of your tablet with a 3M VHB adhesive disk. This adhesive creates a high-strength bond and can be removed should it become necessary in the future. When the BakBone is on your tablet, it easily swivels to the most comfortable position.


In the days of magnetic media, using a magnet near your computer was dangerous, but now it’s okay. Many laptops have magnetic hinges and even the iPad cover connects with several strong magnets. The BakBone ring can be removed leaving just the thin nickel-plated magnetic ring on the back of the tablet. When the BakBone is in place, it props the iPad up at a convenient viewing or typing angle.


If you are nervous about adhering something to your iPad, the fact that the adhesive disk can be carefully removed should allay some of your fears. I installed a BakBone on my wife’s iPad Air and she is delighted with it.

The BakBone is USA-made in ten colors and can be special-ordered with custom logo-branding.

MyMac Review rating is 9 out of 10.


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