MyMac Podcast #496 – Nothing but net

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Ah it’s that time of year again where everything seems new! Yep, almost time for the Macworld Expo! What did you think I meant? While Guy makes T-Shirts, Gaz is looking for tech gear to keep track of how far he goes. ALL kinds of feedback this week too. Net neutrality seems to be under fire with Netflix on one side and Verizon on the other. You can bet if Verizon gets their way, the internet could be changed in the US for a long time.

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OWC Product link:
NewerTech MiniStack Max.
Link to the main story:
Guy’s App Pick: Camtasia 2 on the Mac App Store. A really great screen capture and editor tool. Not cheap at $99, but is very flexible and capable of being a video editor all on it’s own too
Gaz’s App Pick: Pedometer++ (iPhone 5S only): Heard about this on the Mac geek Gab.
People’s Pick: None this week (ohhh)

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