Why the internet is so great

My stove stopped working. Actually, just the oven part of the stove. The top burners, no problem. The stove would “click” on, but never actually start heating up.

This is a ten year old GE gas stove we purchased brand-new. Never had any trouble with it. My first though: do a Google search for “most common gas oven problems”

The results were terrific. And the #1 problem? The Glow Coil Igniter go bad. (It’s the thing in the picture) 

Step #1 – find the model of my stove. This was located in the bottom drawer, or the broiler. Rather than just write it down, I used my iPhone to take a picture of the tag.

Step #2 – Google Igniter and the stove model number. I found it all over the place online, very common part.

Step #3 – call local! I then called Soules Repair, which is a ten minute walk from my front door. They are located at 767 Capital Ave. NE. I told the nice lady on the phone what my problem was, she agreed it is more than likely the igniter. They have them in stock, $60 out the door.

Step #4 – Quick drive to Soules (feet of snow and sub-zero temps mean I drive it, not walk it!) and they tested my part to confirm it was bad. It was

Step #5 – Install the replacement Igniter. Stove fires right up now!

Yes, step #2 was actually taking apart part of the stove to remove the igniter. Very simple process, four screws.

And yes, I could have saved almost 50% by buying the product online, waiting two days, and installing it as above. But I like to support local businesses, and at $60, it’s not like an expensive part. Plus, if this did not fix the stove, I could have returned it immediately with no hassle.

The internet is great! It provided me with how-to video’s to replace this part. It gave me troubleshooting tips to confirm this is the bad part. It gave me the phone number, address, and even directions had I needed them to find the part locally.

And it allowed me to share this story with you!

4 thoughts on “Why the internet is so great

  1. I could’ve written this article myself just last week.. I did the same exact thing (GE stove, same part!), except I got the part on the web for $25… 🙂 Great minds think alike… Thanks for the great writing, keep it up!

    1. I found it much cheaper than the $60 I spent, but the difference was I was able to fix it right away, rather than waiting 24-48 hours for the part to arrive. I would usually be happy to wait and save that money, but with a family of 5 under this roof, no oven means limited food choices. 🙂

      1. Makes sense. That’s why I have an extra big toaster oven too! The element was a pain to put in, but I know a lot more about my oven then I did before. 😉

  2. but… i must say, my cheapo part didn’t last a month. Don’t buy the $25 part anybody. It may look good and cheap… but it is only the latter

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