Handyshell iPad Cases – Review

Handyshell iPad cases
Company: Speck
Case for iPad 2, 3, 4 – $54.95 (Amazon: $32.75)
Case for iPad mini – $49.95 (Amazon: $37.75)
Handyshell case for iPad
Handyshell for iPad mini


I have owned three full-sized iPads and now use the iPad mini with the Retina screen. On all of them, I have used the Handyshell case by Speck. My opinion: The Handyshell is the best, most versatile iPad case available.

Construction consists of a sturdy polycarbonate back tray that is edged in firm but flexible plastic. The iPad pops in easily and is held securely on all four sides by this rubbery bezel. On the back of the tray is a folding handle that serves a multitude of purposes: it’s a handle, it’s a prop for vertical or horizontal viewing, you can hang your iPad from a kitchen cabinet knob or hook, and if you are standing, this iPad is secure and easy to manipulate with confidence.


The handle is the key to the Handyshell’s versatility. It’s soft and comfortable to hold but has a sturdy plastic core. The hinge provides just the right amount of friction so that it will support the iPad at any viewing angle without collapsing on its own. Reading while lying down or when seated is greatly eased as the handle supports the iPad in whatever position is comfortable.


These are made in a couple of colors that vary depending on availability and where you shop. The original Handyshell holds the full-sized iPad 2, 3, and 4. The new iPad mini version accommodates both the original mini and the new one with Retina screen. I have absolutely no complaints or features I’d like to see changed. This is such a great case, I have no doubt that Speck is working on a version for the new iPad Air.

MyMac Review rating is a rare 10 out of 10.

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