MyMac Podcast 476: They’re on their way, YAY!

So STILL no new iPhones for either GMan, but it’s looking like Gaz will get his first. Not that Guy is bitter or anything. They can’t remember what the bet was they made that if Guy loses, Gaz punches him in the nose so Guy lucks out there. A discussion into what the next iPad might be like and then it ALL goes wrong in a hilarious way.

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Guy’s Pick: Goldfish by Fishbeam software $109.00 at the Mac App store for the Pro version or $59.99 for the standard version.
Gaz’s App Pick: Onyx 
People’s Pick: Eric Diaz: Angry Birds Star Wars II $0.99

One thought on “MyMac Podcast 476: They’re on their way, YAY!

  1. I am enjoying my iPhone 5s. Ordered it just past midnight on the 20th. My wife and I got them the following Monday. ( we are on the Oregon coast.) Was VERY surprised at the minimal time it took. Mine shipped from Memphis and my wife’s from Dallas. When did you order yours?

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