earHero almost-invisible in-ear headphones for cycling and running – review

earHero Earphones
Price $149.99


earHero Earphones are unusual lightweight ini-ear headphones made with hearing aid speakers. Developed by audiologists Matt and Mali Murphy, they’re a comfortable and safe alternative to noise canceling earphones, but only if you’re listening to voice recordings such as podcasts and audio books. The tinny speakers make them inadequate for listening to music. Bass is almost undetectable.

The company acknowledges that some bass has been sacrificed in the interest of designing earphones that are small, lightweight, and that allow the user to hear sounds in the nearby environment. If you’re riding a bike, jogging, or skiing, earHero earphones will enable you to hear approaching vehicles or anybody who calls out to you.

The downside is evident when you switch to music. earHero says on its website that if you wear these buds for 15 or 20 minutes, the brain will compensate for the poor bass response when listening to music. I tried that and heard no appreciable difference in the sound quality; certainly nothing approaching the sound quality you can get from earphones that sell for a third of this product’s premium price.

There is no question that these earphones are comfortable and safe. The in-ear speakers are at the end of a wire that wraps over the ear from behind and is then inserted into the ear canal. They come with what the company describes as “a soft tail called a concha lock.” It looks like a thin antenna that wraps around the inner contour of the ear and holds the earphone in place. You’ll hardly know they’re there.

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