Esoterism tesseract Mobile Device Station – Review

tesseract Mobile Device Station
Price: $79.00

The tesseract Mobile Device Station consists of two heavy duty aluminum cubes with slots that enable this combo product to be used to provide a stand for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iPad.

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As computer accessories go, the tesseract is basically a high tech museum piece that sits on your desk and lets people know you have a refined but geekish sense of style.

Figuring out how the slots go together to accommodate a particular device can be perplexing until you spot the dots at the bottom of the blocks: three dots indicate the slot openings for the MacBook Pro, two dots for the MacBook Air, and none for the iPad. The cubes and the directions are deigned for Apple products. The packaged directions are minimal. The assumption seems to be that if you’re attracted to a “stand” this esoteric, you’ll work out the details soon enough.

The basic premise inherent in the tesseract is that you line up the proper slot sizes on each cube and then attaches them to the sides of your iPad or laptop. The slots are situated to enable the user to attach a power cord or charger to the Apple hardware.

The tesseract is essentially a device for holding a device; it’s not intended as a work station or case. In fact, if you have an iPod that’s in a protective case, chances are you’ll have to remove it to fit it into the tesseract. There was no way to fit my Otterbox iPad2 case into any of the slots. On the other hand, the cubes would work well if you have a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and an external monitor. In that situation you can slip the computer into the slots and stow it neatly away from the monitor, reclaiming some real estate on your desk.

The tesseract Mobile Device Station is unique and stylish. If you work in a high tech environmental and image is important, you and your coworkers may find it to be an entertaining conversation piece.

MyMac Review Rating: 7 out of 10, including an extra point for creativity and originality.

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