It’s a 72-Gonal number
MyMac Podcast #424

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Gaz gives a great explanation of gonal numbers at the beginning of the show and he lost me just after the math started….which means nearly right away. James Turner from is on to keep Gaz from mathing out which is a good thing. There’s lot’s of listener feedback, finally some answers on why our FaceBook numbers went down, and fear of ducks watching you makes a comeback! Woo! Spotlight is in the…um…spotlight with a questionn from Scott and just because Guy isn’t around doesn’t mean there isn’t a Gaz’s Tip! Lastly there’s something about Beavers…hmmm. Some Links: Guy’s App Pick: None because he isn’t here

Gaz’s App Pick: CheatSheet free in the Mac App Store

Jame’s Pick: Online Scout Manager to take care of your Scouts

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