V-Moda LP2 Over-the-Ear Headphones

Crossfade LP2 Over-the-Ear Headphones
Company: V-Moda

Price: $199

I received the V-Moda LP2 Over the Ear Headphones for review and my first impression when I saw the box was, “Wow, these are quality headphones!”

Reviews typically start with telling you about the product, but I want to begin with writing about the packaging. There is much more to selling an item than just “the item” itself. The packaging plays a big role in in the quality of the item inside the package. A prime example of excellent packaging is Apple. The reason is because their approach is very simple, and right to the point, but it gives you a feeling of quality when you touch, and open the box.

The LP2 over the ear headphones have a similar feeling. The box is very sturdy and well made.  I noticed that the handle on the top of the box wasn’t a ordinary plastic hard handle, but made of a soft flaccid texturized one, that was held down with two studded buttons. This also applies with the clip that closes the box. Without making the review of the box too long, I will tell you the main features of it.

Detailed Product Information on the outside of the box

Unique slanted design on the top of the case

Custom fabric handle

Simple and clean look and feel

Now to  continue with the headphones, I will have to say that they are amazing. When holding the V-Moda LP2 headset it is very durable and sturdy compared to the other popular brands like Beats By Dr. Dre.

The accessories that come with the headset itself are very nice. There are two cables that are included with it. One is just a plain AUX cable, and the other has a 3-button function for play, and skipping forward and backward, and also incorporates a mic for phone calls or voice control. Also a ¼ inch phono converter jack is included in the set.

The ear-cuffs are not your typical oval shape design, but more of a shield shape, which helps your ears stay in place and makes the headset more comfortable to listen to music for hours. Since I am young and I do not really worry about comfort much, I let an adult at the age of 48 try the headphones for a couple of hours and gathered their feedback to how they felt.

The results were just as I imagined. The 48 year old told me that they felt as if they were not wearing headphones at all (since the ear cuffs are made of a memory foam type of material), but felt more like they were listening to the artist live because of the great sound stage the headphones have.

When listening to the headset, I noticed it has a feeling of surround sound, and you do not feel as if you have two ear cuffs on. Your ears feel like they are able to breathe! The sound quality is great. I could not complain about the balance of the bass and treble at all!  Comparing these headphones to the competitors, for example Beats By Dre, These headphones surround your whole ear and feel more secure to your head, which gives you a better feeling of comfort. This also helps out with the way you interpret the sound by having a better sound stage.

MyMac Review Rating will be a 9 out of 10.


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