The Zombies Make a Comeback
MyMac Podcast #376

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Stoplight Network goes LIVE for the MyMac Podcast in this episode. Guy gets an iPhone 4S and has syncing problems not resolved without goats, Zombie games make a splash in a big way, why big PC makers are getting out of the tablet business, and Tim Vining creator, animator of Star Trek: Aurora comes on the show to talk about how he did an hour long fully animated Star Trek show in ONLY six years!

Some links:
Star Trek: Aurora
Scotch Tape X-Rays
DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue by Hothead Games $9.99
Flight Control by Firemint
Naturalpoint Optitrack Motion Control System $4999 

The Music:
Fresh Body Shop: Bring Me Down
d-rock: d-rock
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