A VERY Sad Day Indeed!

As I sit here with my MacBook Pro and iPhone at my side, I was shocked to hear the news just go by. Steve Jobs has passed away. What really surprised me was just how much of a shock it was to me, and how sad it made me feel. This was not a surprise, we all knew it was coming, but it still hurts just the same.

As someone who worked at Apple, I got a chance to see his brilliant mind first hand in the products that Apple designed. And although I have not worked there for some time, I still felt an attachment to Steve and Apple every day as I use Apple products.

I even remember the introduction of the Next Cube, and how my wife’s magazine got the exclusive. Even back then, I thought he was an amazing man.

A brilliant man, Steve changed the way the world looks at technology, and made technology fun. He changed the music business for the better with the iPod, and brought music into the modern world. Then he also did what everyone said could not be done, and changed the cell phone industry for the better as well with the amazing iPhone.  Then his amazing iPad created a whole new product category, and no one yet has come close to making something as cool and beautiful.  And did I forget to mention the amazing Pixar? This list could go on and on.

Steve Jobs was 56. His style, his products,  his brilliance, and he charisma will be very much missed.

Rest in peace Steve. We will all miss you.

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