Owen Rubin’s collection of vintage Macs
Nemo Memo

Captions are by Owen Rubin. Photos are by John Nemo and Owen Rubin. Nemo used a Casio pocket point and shoot handheld camera. Owen used an iPhone. Nemo’s photos are unedited. Owen’s photos are slightly color corrected.

Booting up the Powerbook 140

Listening to the Duo 280c. Is this thing turning on? YEP!


PowerBook 5300ce (far left), Mac SE with Powerbook 170 (open, running) sitting on a Duo 280c (closed). On right, Mac SE30, with a PowerBook 180c and a 140 below that. (Those are late prototypes.) You can see my Atari 800 to the left of the 5300ce.


MacSE running 6.1.5. Note 2 Meg of Ram with space to spare. This computer boots and is ready in about 30 seconds and shuts down on less than 5.


MacSE30. Also running 6.1.5, but this has 8 Meg of memory.


Duo 280c in hand. 5300ce running behind that. SE with Powerbook 170 on top. SE30 with 180c running on top of that. To the right, HP 5420A digital oscilloscope, HP print buffer, and HP frequency counter on the bottom.


The glow of old Mac screens. At the moment, I am scoping out small LED cube, and the trace info is on the scope. On the desk behind me, an iMac G5.


The clear item on the desk is a special version of the original Mac Portable. The clear ones given to project members. I am holding an original PowerBook 100, the first small sized laptop from Apple. The two have the EXACT same functionality. One is just made compact with some help from Sony.


Getting the Luggable up and running.


Original Portable from Apple. This is a special clear case version given to members of the team.


The drive is bad, the controller card is not. So if I swap HD controller cards.....


Don't ever let it be said that Owen does not buy software. Yes, this is all BOUGHT software. Some are in boxes, some are just the manuals, and discs are in the blue binders.


Apple sold the clear mugs in the Apple Store at Infinite Loop 1.The blue one was give to members of a "Blue" project, the nickname for the old Mac OS.



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Nemo Memo

  1. What you do not see here is the other Macs that are not shown here. A 540c and a PowerBook 12″ sit in my closet and control home lighting and automation. Sadly, the PB12 does most of the work, but one of the home controller interfaces requires a dedicated serial port which the PB12 does not have.

    In my office is a IIfx running the original Apple Unix, A/UX. There is also an MacLC (my first Mac product) and a PowerServer 9500, which holds up a monitor (it does not run at moment.)

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