The HandStand iPad Case

The HandStand iPad Case
Company: Hub International, LLC
Price: $49.95 USD for all models

There are times when I wish I had another hand when working with my iPad. Let’s face it, it’s pretty tough to multitask while trying to hold onto an electronic device that cost upwards of $500. I have no desire to risk breaking it. Hub International may have the answer to the problem of how to hold your iPad securely while trying to grab a cup of coffee or do other work while holding onto your iPad. The HandStand is an novel idea in iPad cases that becomes an extension of your arm as you work.

A first glance at the HandStand (I was sent the model designed for use with the original iPad), might make you think it looks pretty similar to the many other iPad cases. It’s not, though. For one thing, the HandStand is made of a tough, yet flexible polyurethane that can withstand a lot of abrasion and use. The literature supplied with the HandStand reminds us that this is the same material that skateboard wheels are made from.

The HandStand is available for the original iPad on a limited basis and for the iPad 2 at the same price of $49.95. The HandStand for the original iPad comes in black or white, while the HandStand for the iPad 2 comes in pink as well. I think I’ll stick with traditional black myself. The HandStand does not work with Apple’s Smart Covers due to the design that covers both sides of your iPad

The back of the HandStand has a hard plastic insert that functions as a swiveling handgrip. The inner surface that rubs on the back side of your iPad is covered with soft felt to prevent marring up your iPad’s aluminum back. One side of the outside of the handgrip is raised to fit the natural curvature of your fingers. An elastic nylon strap that goes across the back of your hand holds the HandStand securely in place, but is still fairly easy to take off.

The handgrip swivels 360 degrees so you can orient your iPad in your hand at the angle that suits you best. I found that at first it takes some getting used to, but after a few minutes you quickly become accustomed to this new way of holding your iPad.

The bottom edge of the HandStand has an opening for your charging cable and has three openings at the speaker grille. The upper edge has openings for the microphone and headphone jack. There is also an opening along the right side for access to the rotation lock switch. The volume control is covered with polyurethane that feels very similar to your iPad’s volume control. You do need to press pretty hard to get the volume control to work.

If you swivel the handgrip so that the raised side of the outer surface is parallel to the upper edge of your iPad, the HandStand does double-duty as a stand. In the portrait position, your iPad is held at a shallow angle for typing with two hands if you wish to set it down on a tabletop or desk. Rotating the handgrip 90 degrees lets you work in landscape mode as well.

Overall, I found the HandStand to be a decent iPad case that is pretty handy to have around, although I’d like to see it able to work with the iPad 2’s Smart Covers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to hold or carry around your iPad in one hand securely, the HandStand might be the case you’re looking for. Review Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. Great review Mike. The photos look like the hand holding the iPad is at a slightly awkward angle. Do you think the design fairly ergonomic or does the hand become fatigued over a period of time? Perhaps not a problem with the iPad 2 as it is a bit lighter with the iPad 1 but for those of us with carpel tunnel syndrome I wonder if the angle might be an issue.

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