In the Tumbleweeds
MyMac Podcast 326

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For a show that didn’t seem to have a major theme, it sure is a long one. Gaz and Guy talk about the upcoming Macworld Expo, some Christmas stuff, and our feverish anticipation for the Mac App Store. Guy…I mean Santa…buys an AppleTV finally and Guy joins the 21st century and gets NetFlix. Guy offers a prize (as yet undisclosed) for listeners to record promos for any Podcast…US only please. The GMen talk about Mac Software Bundles and whether or not they’re really any bargain.
The best place to find out about common Software Bundles SQUIDOO!

3 thoughts on “In the Tumbleweeds
MyMac Podcast 326

  1. Guy-

    I’ve looked at AppFresh a number of times and debated about downloading it. After listening to you mention it on the podcast I decide to give it a try. What a mistake! The biggest problem I found with AppFresh is that it updates not only apps that you would update manually, but apps that are a paid upgrade, or not compatible with 10.5 if they’re Snow Leopard only. I had to delete a few updated apps and go to my backup to reinstall those apps-some I had to go through the whole process of registering, typing in my license…what a pain! Not the end of the world since I have numerous backups, but still a hassle.

    Maybe I did something wrong, but I immediately deleted AppFresh. Have you had any problems with updates?

  2. Well the problem is that there’s no way for the makers of AppFresh to know what kind of updates are being put out. You can use the preference panel to tell AppFresh whether to install or just download the updates.

  3. OOOPS! Just looked again. You can also have in the main window what your current version is vs what the latest update nuber is. Usually when an app goes next big number up as compared to just a point update is when they charge thought that to is not always the case. Both RapidWeaver and Freeway like to make new paid versions without the big number jump

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