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Macworld 2010 – Just Some Random Photos From the Show

OK, some asked for a few more pictures, so here you go. These are random pictures from my time at Macwold. Enjoy, or not!

Thursday morning. Too nice of a day to be inside.

The entrance to Macworld. It used to be there, across the street, but this time, only in the north hall.

Down the escalator into the hall. This is a familiar sight, except you can only go in to the left. Note that the hall was still closed. Look at the guards keeping people out.

Some really cool cases from Dura Micro

The guys and NLU products. They got your products covered! (OK, look them up if you do not get the humor there!)

Boinx software has very cool software for live streaming to the net with tons of options and overlays.

App maker Juicy Development with Police Scanner 2, an app that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a police scanner with stations from all over the world.

KB Covers has you covered as well. Well, your keyboard that is. They have speciality covers for all kinds of programs, making it easier to know what key does what.

Iqua had some very cool bluetooth earphones. Small and sleek. Worth checking out.

4 Thumbs, the typing overlay for the iPhone was getting a lot of attention

Ever wanted to make dozens of DVDs or CD and custom print them. This is the device for you!

Cisco showing off WebEx for the iPhone. Yea, that is me caught on their video conference screen taking the picture.

Lots of action at the mophie booth

A look at the floor and HyperMac’s booth.

More floor shots. There was a big empty spot here. Wonder who backed out?

The Omni Group has some cool software to show. One of the few Mac developers wit a big booth this year.

Always a big crowd at OWC. And they were not selling anything at the show either!

Wireless HDMI? I really want to play with this. Very cool idea.

Flex Clip had a number of different ways to attach your IPhone to different places, including one that straps to your thigh so you can easily play games without dropping the phone.

Tutto had a very cool, 4 wheel collapsable bag, available in many configurations like photo, computer, or just travel. Even had one for the dog! The flat ones on the right are the same as the folded out one on the left!

Goodbye to Macworld for another year.

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