Bigbro is watching out for me

It is incumbent upon me, as a newly birthed senior citizen, to thank my government for watching out for me and every facet of my life. I feel so much more secure in the knowledge that Bigbro (Bb) will be there to protect me, especially from myself. ngngnguh. Sorry. Tongue cramp. They got a drug for that?

Medical care for all is just one of a slew of attempts by Bb to help me. For that I applaud him. Thanks, bro. I have been receiving, for the past year, a plethora of information about Medicare. I don’t need it right now, having insurance through my wife’s job. But if I did, Bb’s got me covered. It’s not entirely free, either. It’s not a perfect system, and I hear it’s going bankrupt, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

I think everyone should be able to get medical attention when they need it. Congressmen and Senators have insurance which is second to none. Most of us don’t have that kind of care, and probably never will. What does that say about our government? They say they’re trying to right this egregious wrong but I’m not convinced they’re going abut it the right way. After all, when you have the drug and insurance industries supporting, through mountains of cash, the very people trying to correct the problem, there can be no real solutions to that problem. Only different solutions to reelection campaigns.

The pharmaceutical industry makes money by coming up with newer and more advanced drugs. The more problems they can solve through chemistry the more money they make. There is NO incentive to cure anything. There IS incentive to “create” new debilities, then match their latest chemistry to the symptoms. There seems to be something out there for even the least significant discomfort.

Big-pharm has learned to specialize when it come to marketing. If you kick your feet a lot, NLS Nervous Leg Syndrome, they got a drug for that. If you’re sneezing and phlegmy they got that covered. Feeling blue just got a lot more fun with the latest in psycho-pharmicology. Got dry eyes? Just get some Ristasis. “May cause dry eye” is just one of the contraindications of that drug. Go figure.

Contraindications on prescribed drugs should be read in their entirety. They’re usually printed in a tiny font which is why no one wants to read the information. Get a magnifying glass. Read it. Drug-crossing, taking two or more drugs which are not recommended to be taken together, is often caused by patients’ not reading about what they’re ready to take. Patients trust their doctors blindly. Why bother reading all that small print? Because that’s what your doctor says, that’s why. Inform yourself. Your doctor does not know everything, just a lot.

I’ve been waiting very patiently for MY drug of choice, but it’s not on the market yet. I guess they don’t know exactly what my problems are. Maybe I could send them a list of all the things that bother me: Sore butt, rashes, pimples, warts, gashes, asthma, bad back and attitude, panic attacks, paranoia, and cataracts. And that’s on a good day. If they could invent one pill that would cure all my ills I’d buy it. Who wouldn’t?

One of these days my dream drug will pop up on the TV. I will run to my doctor, get the script, dash down to the pharmacy, and home to nirvana. I hope they have it in time release so I don’t have to get up too much. Then I’ll be happy(er). Thanks, Bb.

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