Review—Acme Made Laptop Bags

Smart Laptop Sleeve,29,6.htm
Price: $34.99-$39.99 US

The Kate,25,11.htm
Price: $99.99 US

I’ve been using a laptop computer for almost nine years. In that time I’ve never owned a laptop case, even though it was the first thing I bought my kids when they got their own laptops. If I needed to leave the house with my laptop I put it in a canvas bag. Not too smart, or safe. Acme Made has a full line of laptop cases for every taste and budget, so you don’t have to make the same mistake I made. Read on for a review of two of those cases.

Smart Laptop Sleeve

The Smart Laptop Sleeve is a simple case that holds up to a 15 inch laptop. Nothing more, nothing less. The bag has a closed-cell foam padded interior and a water resistant exterior. An adjustable (and removable) nylon strap completes the bag.

Putting a 15.4 inch laptop in the bag was easy; zipping the bag closed was another matter. Pulling the zipper teeth towards each other helped. Once the laptop was securely in the sleeve I felt it was adequately protected. I then tried again with a 14 inch iBook. This time it was much easier to zip the sleeve closed. The third computer was a 13 inch MacBook. Not only did the MacBook fit easily, but so did the power cord. Although there’s no separate compartment for a power cord, or anything else for that matter, it didn’t feel awkward carrying the sleeve on my shoulder. The strap is long enough to wear the sleeve across your body, or adjusted up or down so the sleeve lands under your arm or on your hip, depending on personal preference.

I know sleeves are supposed to be basic, but I would have liked to see a separate compartment, inside or outside, to hold the power cord. A laptop without a power cord won’t last very long. Otherwise, the Smart Laptop Sleeve is a comfortable, sturdy, and secure way to carry your precious laptop. rating: 7 out of 10.

The Kate

I love this bag!

The Kate is a combination laptop case and handbag. There’s plenty of room for a laptop up to 16 inches, plus power cord, files, personal items, and anything else you need to carry.

The three laptops I mentioned in the Smart Laptop Sleeve review fit beautifully in the padded laptop compartment in The Kate. Besides the laptop compartment, there’s a large main area, several small individual pockets, a zippered internal pocket, and a large external pocket on the back of the bag. Two slanted zippered pockets on the front, perfect for a cell phone or sunglasses, give The Kate a little extra personality, as does the removable accessory pouch.

The Kate is well made and sturdy. The exterior zippers have zipper pulls for convenience. Five metal feet on the bottom of the bag keep it slightly raised off the floor. Stitching is even with no loose threads. The only suggestions I have for Acme Made is to add a little more padding in the back of the laptop compartment, and offer an adjustable strap.

It’s little details like extra cushioning on the shoulder straps and well-thought out design that makes The Kate more than just your laptop bag. The Kate is perfect for a knitting bag, an overnight bag when traveling, a plane carry-on, or just a very large handbag.

I was very pleased with the form and function of The Kate. The $99.99 price tag is quite a bargain for what you get in return. rating: 9 out of 10.

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