An Introduction to FUTURE MEDIA CONCEPTS Interactive Courses

Future Media Concepts
Course Price Range: Between $45-$1495.

Have you ever wished that you could take a class to learn more about Photoshop CS5, or Desktop Publishing? How about boning up on Web Design and Development, Motion graphics, or honing your skills on Mac OSX, as well as a long list of useful software?

Now, through the creation of interactive web-based courses by Future Media Concepts, or FMC, you can attend a nearly in-person class with a certified instructor right in the privacy of your own home or office.

The courses are designed to give you the most information in the shortest amount of time, therefore saving you time and money.

FMC courses are not cheap. Being interactive and live is much more costly to produce than, say, video-only courses. But it creates a totally different experience. Being able to speak with and even see the instructor live is a game-changer. Interacting with the instructor, and even others in the class, makes this a very valuable learning experience. It’s like taking a college course without the burned-out professors and irritating tests. Full-day extended courses are available, as well as the 45 minute quick-courses.

Allow me to quote Jack Reilly, Event Marketing Manager for FMC. He was kind enough to fill me in about the value of these courses, and why the 45 minute sessions for $45 do not offer the 30 day video option:

“When a student books and attends a 45 minute session no recording will be made available afterwards. 45 minute sessions are often attended by a large number of students. Providing a URL that can be freely viewed by anyone by simply forwarding a link undermines the value of the lesson. Also, these sessions are uniquely designed and led by our industry renowned instructors, many of whom give similar lectures at our many lectures throughout the year. Providing recordings would also undermine some of these lectures.

“However, recordings are available to students who sign up for full length classes with us. These classes are attended by only a handful of students whom are paying to be expertly trained in the software of their choice. These students are entitled to recordings of the class to assist in their learning process for 30 days after the course is completed. Many of these lessons are detailed and in-depth, making recordings for some students indispensable, unlike the 45 minute sessions which feature a lot of great time savers and special tips.”

I had the good fortune to experience a 45 minute course, Photoshop Effects, first hand. My instructor was Luisa Winters, an accomplished musician, college teacher, and certified Photoshop instructor.

I signed in for the session 20 minutes early to make sure I was ready. Luisa came on-screen a few minutes after I signed on. She allowed me access to the camera and mic, and before a minute had lapsed were talking to each other like old friends.

She was delightful, cheerful, and knowledgeable. She proceeded at a pace that was easy to follow, and with the option of being able to see and hear each other, questions were asked and answered on the spot.

With larger classes those options would, of course, change. Ten or fifteen people talking at the same time would certainly slow the class down. But there is a question button at the bottom of the interface which will alert the instructor so that the question can be answered in due time.

Please go to the web site and check out their course titles and pricing. If you are serious about being “expertly trained in the software of your choice” in an interactive environment, FMC may have the solution for you.

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