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Elan Sleeve

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Griffin Technology

When it comes to cases accessories for the iPad or iPhone or iPods Griffin is a name that immediately comes to mind. Here are three cases that I recently had the opportunity to evaluate.

Elan Sleeve $49.99

The Elan Sleeve is a very professional looking sleeve style case for your iPad. The outside is leather and the inside is a nice soft fleece-like material that will not scratch your iPad when you put it in and out. It actually helps keep the screen dust free and you slide the iPad out. It is available in black.

The fit is very snug, but not too snug. However, it is too tight to have a case over your iPad when it is in the sleeve. I imagine the sleeve will stretch over time leaving some worries about it stretching too much and making the iPad too loose. By the time this happens, I would think you will be ready for a new case anyway.

To get your iPad out you pull the tab sticking out of the top of the iPad and the iPad slides out. No struggling here.

Since this is a sleeve the iPad is protected on all sides, except the exposed parts due to the opening on the top. In a fall, I don’t know how much shock protection the iPad will get because the sleeve is fairly thin and not padded like other cases and sleeves might be.

However, if you are looking for a case that is professional looking and provides some form of protection the Elan Sleeve might be something you want to look at. Rating 8 out of 10

Jumper $29.99

The Jumper is a neoprene sleeve for you iPad. It is nice and padded and will definitely protect the iPad stored inside. It has a soft plush inside that will keep your iPad scratch free. However, the problem is getting the iPad inside the case. The iPad is suppose to slide into the case and then you pull the top over your iPad and off you go.

I say suppose to, because I could not get my iPad completely in the case. The fit was extremely tight. I had to force the iPad into the case. Even worse, I couldn’t get the top over the iPad. Ë™I had to pull the case so hard that I was afraid I was going to snap the iPad in two. I got to the point where I gave up because I was sure the iPad was going to snap.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the Jumper case because of this problem. You might want to give it a try, but it is not something I would suggest. Rating 2 out of 10

Flexgrip $34.99

The Flexgrip is your typical silicone iPad case. It fits snuggly around the iPad, and unlike the Jumper, it is very easy to get on your iPad. It covers all edges of the iPad and the back. There are opening for all controls and connections.

Silicone cases are not very padded , but they do a good job at absorbing shock in a light fall.

My only complaint is the smooth back of the case. While it isn’t very slippery, I’d like to see a textured back to help hold the iPad in hand.

The case is currently available in black, purple, blue, or white. At $34.99 it is a bit pricier than other silicone cases I have seen, but it is well made and from a company you can trust. Rating 8 out of 10
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