Review – Macally Metropad iPad Cases

Macally Metropad iPad Cases
Company: Macally

Price: $29.99

Apple’s release of the iPad means that many of the biggest selling accessories right now are cases to protect your new addition to the family. With the bewildering number of cases already on the market,’s reviews over the coming weeks will help you come up with a choice of case that best suits your needs.

When you first open your iPad, it feels quite delicate and your first instinct is to want to treat it with kid gloves. Aside from protective films, there isn’t much that can be done to protect the glass front of the iPad. It seems to stay fairly scratch-free as it is. The back casing also needs attention. Being made from aluminum, it’s pretty tough, but none of us wants to see it become marred up and scratched from constant handling or laying your iPad down on various surfaces. Macally’s Metropad Series of iPad cases provide a simple, yet elegant solution to this problem.

Macally offers the Metropad cases in four varieties: clear (Metrocpad), clear with silicon grip (Metrolpad), chrome (Metrompad), and black (Metrobpad).

I received the three cases you see pictured above, and I find that all three cases provide excellent protection for your iPad in a thin and lightweight package. I’m partial to cases that have a slim profile and don’t take away from the aesthetic beauty of your Apple product. Macally’s Metropad cases do this very well.

After using the cases for several days, I’ve found that I prefer the black Metrobpad and the clear Metrocpad over the chrome Metrompad. The Metrompad looks really sharp, but it does get covered in fingerprints relatively quickly. If you don’t mind wiping it off as often as you do your screen, that’s no problem. The Metrobpad looks great too, and the Metrocpad maintains the iPad’s already great looks.

The Metrolpad isn’t pictured, but offers a secure silicon grip around the sides of your iPad with a clear plastic back that lets your iPad’s great looks show through.

The cases snap on without difficulty and stay on very well. Protection at the iPad’s corners is emphasized, leaving the sides and all controls/ports free to access. When you’re ready to take the case off, the case simply pops off and you’re ready to go.

The Metropad cases aren’t going to prevent much major damage if you should drop your iPad from any real height. Not many cases will, for that matter. The cases do a superb job of keeping the back of your iPad clean and scratch-free. Come to think about it, isn’t that the main reason most people buy cases for their electronics?

One subtle, yet very useful feature is the four small projections on the back of each Metropad case. This allows you to set your iPad down on a tabletop so it doesn’t rock around, remaining level as you work. The spacing is just right so you can type on your iPad without it tipping. It’s a feature you don’t really appreciate until you try it out and realize how useful it is.

Overall, I’m impressed with Macally’s first offerings in the iPad case market. They do a great job of protecting your investment, helping you enjoy your iPad well into the future. Review Rating: 9 out of 10

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One thought on “Review – Macally Metropad iPad Cases

  1. Well I was impressed with the MaCally iPad case, however I wanted to see what other iPad cases were out there so I headed to Amazon and Overstock. I did find a impressive assortment of other brands like Otterbox, Incase, Mivizu, Belkin, Speck. I even found some real trendy brands like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan and even Issey Miyake. While the assortment is deep and wide, I was still looking for a clean, sophisticated design with an elegant appeal to simplism. After review all the brands, I settled for Mivizu. The have great customer reviews, the product has well design and meaningful layout that serves it’s us and purpose. I found an iPad case that delivered on all my requirements, including delivering a great value against some of the other competing brands. The case was a little too much for me. I do like, but I instead choose something a little more minimalist with clean contours and outlines. The biggest drawback with the MaCally case is price itself. Mivizu has an equally shell with EPI technology for half the price. here is what i ordered.

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