MyMac Podcast 290 – A Tale of Two Thieves

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Gaz is BACK from vacation so the G-Men are on the job! Doctor Who? They answer some Listener feedback questions; one from old friend Beejay Bhatt asking about recording Skype.
Audio HiJack Pro
Wiretap Studio
Call Recorder
Another Listener asks about multiple monitors for a MacBook Pro and our sponsor just happens to have a great solution!
The OWC USB to DVI/HDMI/VGA Display Adapter
Gaz finds a solution to extending your menu to a second monitor, Use at your OWN risk as it might be a little wonky.
MenuBar Extender
Winners of the MacAlly Contest announced!! Big thanks to MacAlly for the prizes that we gave away to our listeners!
Gaz buys one HOT iMac and we wag a naughty finger at Gizmodo for the iPhone Prototype debacle.
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