MyMac Podcast 225 – Alan Luckow

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Alan Luckow joins the MyMac crew this week to talk about the new iLife 09 suite, video editing, iPhoto problems, working with Woz, and much more. A fun show! Also, it is CONTEST time! Listen for your chance to win a Speck Products case, and a copy of both Hear and Klix from Joesoft – Prosoft Engineering!

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Links from the show:
Luckow Design Studios
Speck Products
Prosoft Engineering
The Mac Mommy
Global Game Jam
Teens in Tech Conference
Camp Woz (Quicktime Link)

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Lightsoft Weather Center – Review

If you’ve owned a weather station and a Mac for any length of time, you know that Mac compatible software, to monitor and collect data from your station, has been impossible to find. I am happy to report the search is finally over.

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Akvis Artwork – Review

Have you ever had a photo or photos that you wanted to have converted into a painting? This can be extremely expensive. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars you can spend less than $100 and do it yourself with AKVIS Artwork.

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ChronoSync 4 – Review

The moment you start to use more than one computer is the moment when you should plan to keep any data that changes on one system synchronized (‘in sync’) with its counterpart on the other system(s).

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LogMeIn Ignition – Review

I have been using LogMeIn for Mac for a while now to remotely control another Mac. Recently, LogMeIn released an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch called Ignition, which allows you to remotely control another computer through your iPhone/iPod Touch. The LogMeIn folks were kind enough to allow me to try out a copy of the app and I have been very pleased with it.

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JBoxMini – Review

Do you take long trips, or use your iPhone, iPod, or mobile phone so much that the battery runs down before you can get home to charge it? What can you do to get extra power when there is just no place to plug in? Here is one solution…

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Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips – Review

In spite of the fact that some of its tips are more "filler" than "killer," Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips contains a wealth of useful information and would be a helpful companion to both intermediate and advanced users of Mac OS X 10.5.

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AppleScript 1-2-3 – Review

The preeminent introduction to AppleScript for newbies. If you’re new to AppleScript and want to get up and running quickly with scripting, it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

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MyMac Podcast 223 – Bob LeVitus Post Expo

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Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus helps kick off this weeks show with his run down of Macworld Expo, where it goes from here, and what he enjoyed most on the showroom floor. Sam Levin fills us in on his Cool Mac Picks from both Macworld Expo and CES. Finally, Owen and Mark join Tim, David, and Guy to talk about the rest of the weeks stories, and Owen’s blog post on Alsoft.

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Links from the show:
Things for Mac and iPhone
G-Fi and G-FI VS

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On Steve Jobs

The email keeps rolling in, so here are my answers about Steve Jobs and his stepping down as CEO until the end of June.

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AirCurve – Review

This is not a powered speaker for your iPhone. AirCurve’s primary function is to amplify the iPhone’s built-in speaker. How does it do so? Acoustically, of course.

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