Comic Life Magiq

Comic Life Magiq
Company: Plasq

Price: $44.95 new customer or $29.95 cross-grade from Comic Life (See article for limited time special pricing)

Comic Life Magiq is the latest piece of software by the folks at Plasq and they have hit another home run. It is a spin-off of they’re great Comic Life software. The best way to describe Comic Life Magiq is by saying it is part Comic Life, part Kai’s Power Goo (for those that remember this software), part iWeb (as far as templates), and part iPhoto.

Comic Life is software that provides the tools for making a comic book on your Mac. Comic Life Magiq takes this one step further by providing templates for your comic. You get to fill in the images. There are 12 templates that range from a birthday theme, to pets, to vacations Within these themes are a collection of pages based on that theme, and those pages have pre-made templates with different image arrangements.


You can also make and save your own pages/templates.

On the templates are customizable spots for your images. These images can be added from iPhoto, your pictures folder, or anywhere on your Mac. You can also use your iSight camera to add an image. Access to the images is through a window within the program and adding the images is as simple as drag and drop.

Once you add the images you can edit them. Editing is done in an interface that reminds me of Kai’s Power Goo (a great program that allowed distortion of photos). In fact, some of the effects you can apply to the image are similar, also. In addition to these effects, you can add drop shadows, reflections, and more.

Once you image is finished you can use the text and effects from the template or add your own. There are lettering effects, text boxes/shapes, borders and more that are based on the chosen theme.

Finished with you book? You can print it, or you can export it into numerous formats. These formats include creating an email, creating a webpage. sending the images to iPhoto or Flickr, or exporting in PDF and other image formats. You can even export to iWeb as a gallery in your website. Very cool!

The entire process is a lot of fun and very easy to learn. Comic Life Magiq is a great addition to the Comic Life family. I highly recommend it. For a limited time your can cross-grade from Comic Life for $19.95 instead of the $29.95 regular price. There is also a discount off the regular full price of $44.95 to $39.95 (also for a limited time). rating 5 out of 5

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