Macspiration 106
Return of the Downloads

It has been a while since I’ve done a Macspiration recommending downloads. To be honest, I haven’t found to many worthwhile freebies for an article. With that said, I have scrounged around my hard drive and found a hand full of downloads for you.

Fluid is a Leopard only app, and is very interesting. I didn’t think it was useful, but the more I use it the more I am hooked. Fluid is a beta program that will take a link to a website and make it an app. For example, instead of having a bookmark for Google Docs or even a link in your Dock to the site, Fluid takes the link and turns it into an app. Essentially, a Safari-like window opens, but only for that link. I know it sounds like a bookmark, but I have been using it for several sites I regularly use at work, and I am hooked.

Prism is Mozilla’s version of Fluid and it also works in Tiger.

If you don’t have Onyx on your computer, you should. Onyx is a basic maintenance program which I have mentioned in the past. It is worth mentioning again, because it is now Leopard compatible. It repairs permissions, runs all of the regular scripts, and more.

NetNewsWire is, in my opinion, the best rss reader on the market. Actually it is no longer on the market, since it is now completely free. If you subscribe to RSS feeds, NetNewsWire is definitely worth checking out.

Jotter is my favorite note program on the Mac. It puts a little pencil menu in the menu bar where all of your notes are listed and created. No saving needed. The note is saved when you close the window. It could be more out of your way or easier to run. Saving is not needed. It is not free, but well worth the $10 price. I used to use a program called Fishpad which was similar. It stopped being developed and Jotter has filled that void.


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