Macspiration 106
Return of the Downloads

It has been a while since I’ve done a Macspiration recommending downloads. To be honest, I haven’t found to many worthwhile freebies for an article. With that said, I have scrounged around my hard drive and found a hand full of downloads for you.

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This is a special, hour-long PodCast featuring Tim and Chad talking with Bob LeVitus. Topics include Bob’s new Tiger book, Bob’s take on Apple banning his publishers books at the Apple store, and much more.

Contest galore! Bob gives away copies of his new book, Mac OS X 10.4 for Dummies! We also give away ONE AlchemyTV DVR / TV Tuner thanks to our friends at Miglia! Be the first to answer the questions posed by Bob Dr. Mac LeVitus, and send your answers in to

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Beware the Tiger

If you can wait, I would suggest waiting a few weeks, or at least days, after Tiger is released before installing it on your Mac. If you can’t wait, please back up your data.

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Download the April 14 2005 MP3 show HERE
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Chad and Tim talk a lot about Tiger on this weeks show. Plus, a brand new Not Mac News by Chris Seibold

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