Printing Problems in Leopard

Well, it’s been a month and a half since I upgraded to Leopard and overall, I really like it. However, what I would really like is to be able to print again without having to resort to restarting the computer just to have access to the printer.
Now, understand, the printer is there, my Mac sees it, knows it’s there but when I go to print, it tells me that it’s not. Yet, when I open up the printer/fax panel, there it is listed as the Default, sitting idle, just waiting for me to send it something to print. Yet, when I do, it tells me it’s printing, then says there is a fatal error, but doesn’t provide an error code. Error, yes, I know there’s an error, you’re not printing.
Now I’m using a HP Deskjet 5550 that if I start up on another hard drive running 10.4.10, I can print any time I want. Yes, I’ve checked the USB connection, it’s fine. Yes, I’ve switched the USB cable to another port… still doesn’t work. Yes, I’ve reset my PRAM…I cleared and then reset my printer system following Apple’s instructions… reset the PMU… Hell, I even resorted to trying HP’s online chat with a tech… does not speak MAC… so I sent an email form that I got an auto response quickly back telling me that they would respond back (or forward to the appropriate HP section to assist me) within a very short time period. That was December 8th… HELLO HP… did my email go to the dead email letter box by mistake????
Anyone have any suggestions?


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