OtterBox for iPhone

OtterBox for iPhone
Otter Products


I’m happy to find an iPhone case I can recommend. The OtterBox from Otter Products is a stylish, rugged product that looks like it ought to be on the hip of an architect at a work site.

It’s not waterproof, nor is it designed to be; but it is ready to shield against mud splatters and unexpected showers while you run for cover.

The phone is protected first by a hard polycarbonate shell (in black or yellow) that snaps together snugly and easily. A good plastic window covers the screen and I had no trouble typing through it. Over the hard plastic is a silicone jacket with strategically placed tabs keeping a reasonable seal over the data and headphone ports. Flip up the tabs for quick access. Flexible nubs provide access to the volume and power buttons. The silicone jacket also offers some shock protection as well as another layer of resistance to yucky stuff. Finally, a polycarbonate holster gives more protection as well as quick-draw capability. It’s very sturdy and took a considerable hit without a whimper when I caught it on a tile countertop. Worthy of note on the holster is the belt clip which sports click-stop detents and rotates into place with authority. When I raised up under the countertop, I expected the whole thing to shatter. But it didn’t phase the OtterBox.

Gloryosky! A product that works! And, I could still hear my ringtone through the three layers of protection!

All controls are accessible except for the silence switch. No problem . . . I simply turned it off. I wasn’t going to answer the phone during that meeting, anyhow. rating: 5 out of 5

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