Dan Unshackles his iPhone – iFuntastic 3

iFuntastic 3.0.3
Company: bitSplit(tm) Enterprises

Price: Freeware (donations accepted)

I’m the Mac Guru for Charlotte. Which isn’t too hard as I seem to be the only one in Charlotte actively doing it. So I make a reasonably good living as a Mac consultant. I’m not a tech. Oh, I can swap out a hard drive, add RAM, and even disassemble the occasional iMac to upgrade the wifi to 802.11n. But the boys with the Golden Screwdriver in the back room at the Apple Store have nothing to fear.

But I do have the reputation around town for being on the cutting edge of things Macintosh . . . and that includes standing in line (however briefly) for the iPhone.

You can imagine, then, my shame at having a vanilla ringtone. I mean how positively plebeian!

I am no longer ashamed! I can now hold my head high and grin as an incoming call to my iPhone plays an a cappella rendition of the William Tell Overture. (Edited in Garage Band)

How? I’ve downloaded iFuntastic (v 3.0.3), added my signature ringtone, and customized the four screens.

To be truthful, I hesitated. There’s always the chance you could permanently damage a $5-600 iPhone, but all assurances were made that the worst case scenario was hitting the restore button in iTunes. Also iFuntastic heretofore was Intel only and my desktop computer is a G5 Tower. So when it was announced in TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

This little piece of wizardry worked exactly as advertised as I fretted over the strange numbers scrolling on the iPhone screen. The instructions were always clear but the feedback from the iPhone was not, and the process is not for the faint of heart. I found myself restarting the iPhone frequently to make sure good things were happening.

On iFuntastic’s screen, there are easy-to-understand buttons down the left . . .

Home Screen
i (Information)
Carrier Logo
File Manager

. . . with lots of hand-holding instructions.

Other than the obvious, “File Manager” also allows you to — copy to disk, delete files, replace the file’s contents (keeping the name), play a sound, view/edit/replace images and text files.

iFuntastic is freeware. However, there is a Paypal “donate” button. I sent him ten bucks for a job well done.

MyMac.com Rating: 5 out of 5

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